Monday, 21 January 2013

Hot Hot Hot!

So if you're reading this blog it probably means you are Robsessed with the HOTTEST actor alive- Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson <3
Another thing is, I really SUPER hope that Rob reads this someday and finally finds out what I think about him and how much I lurrve him! :D

So this is how I found my inner Rob love:

Well first of all, I bought 3 Twilight books off of my mate (the 1st 3, not Breaking Dawn) and I became like obsessed with Twilight. So after a while I got the film and as soon as Edward walks into the canteen in Forks High School I am just like "Oh my God! He is HOT!" but back then I didn't really pay much attention to the Team Edward/Jacob thing and I certainly didn't know who the hell Robert Pattinson was.
So I began to love Edward more and more throughout the film. Anyway, at the end I saw who played Edward and I decided to look up this hot, sexy guy on the internet.
So after I did, the next morning my friend reminded me that a few years back she'd given me a Robert Pattinson 2010 annual and I was like WTF?! So I looked at it and the best thing was, I found out ROB IS BRITISH!!! LIKE MEEE!! Since he did an amazing American accent in Twilight I was just like "Oh another hot American actor." But OMG that is so amazing that Rob is from the same country as me.
So after watching all the Twilights I discovered that I wanted MORE!! So I watched Remember Me, (amazing film I recommend it) but so sad at the end (I wont spoil it)
I also watched Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire (I am NOT a fan of Harry Potter but I had to watch it.. because, well you know why) So sad at the end when Cedric dies.

The other day I watched Water for Elephants and of course ROB IS SO FRICKIN HOT♥

I am planning to buy How To Be on DVD somewhen soon aha can't wait till I get my full Rob DVD collection<3